About Steve Jordan

America's Fitness Ambassador

In 1994, Steve Jordan endured an accident that changed his life. He fell 18 feet, head first from a friend's balcony, which left him motionless on the concrete below. Upon an initial scan, doctors found his brain swelling and the possibility of severe brain damage or even death.

To save Steve's life, doctors performed open brain surgery to relieve the pressure that was building from a swelling brain. Steve's recovery began with two months in the hospital and continued with three years of cognitive rehab and surgeries to repair short-term memory loss, facial paralysis, a fractured ear drum causing hearing loss, "tip of the tongue syndrome," and loss of smell. Doctors were skeptical of a full recovery, but Steve believed that anything less of a full recovery was not an option. He then fully immersed himself in his goal of using exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle to overcome his new challenges. Today at 36, he is recovered and using this experience to motivate, inspire and educate others.

Fitness Background

Steve began his fitness journey while earning his BS in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland with a personal training business on the side that catered to government officials and professionals interested in creating lasting change. His ability to positively affect peoples' lives created momentum and recognition, which landed him a personal training position at the White House. He moved to NYC to work at Sports Club LA, Rockefeller Center where his clients included top executives and celebrities. While there, he gained more certifications, education and TV media on NBC, Oxygen, ABC and print media including Self, Fitness, and Men's Fitness.

After several years of city living, Jordan geared up to relocate to Los Angeles, where he hoped to become a celebrity trainer, own his own fitness studio and gain global influence for health and fitness. Seventeen years after his traumatic brain injury, he has accomplished what some would consider impossible and is still raising the bar in the fitness industry from his private training studio.

Steve created The Posture Perfect Program™ featured in Men's Fitness as an alternative way to correct posture through foam rolling, stretching and exercise. His confidence in front of large audiences, along with his background in educating people has secured a position as an educator for The National Academy of Sports Medicine and training Power Plate techniques to personal trainers, physical therapist, chiropractor and doctors. Jordan's drive to consistently raise the standard in his life and in others can be shared out of his L.A. based private training center where he works with celebrities, Fortune 100 companies and executives, L.A.'s wealthiest, professional athletes and all who are looking to plug into his motivation, inspiration and education.

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