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Quincy Jones My Bro'..Steve,.......You seem to have it all goin' Dawg....like Sinatra used to tell Basie & I in Vegas, "Live Every Day Like it's Your Last & One Day You'll Be Right".....go for it My Brother!
Ashley Greene "Working out and being healthy is a tedious part of my career but with Steve I actually look forward to my sessions. It's not very often that a person like me looks forward to the time out of my day where I have to sweat it out. In a world and career where stress is a large factor in my life, Steve is a must. Ileave the gym feeling refreshed and revived… ready to take on the world. The most amazing part is that I can actually get an incredible workout in 20 minutes versus an hour by myself. On top of everything Steve actually cares about his clients and your healthy lifestyle as a whole. I highly recommend you try a session with Steve, you'll be hooked!"
"JackDean Butler from Little House on the Praire "One look at Steve Jordan told me that he understood physical fitness. He and the space he's created in Westwood radiate his commitment to excellence. Later, I came to understand Steve's stand not only for my fitness, but for the betterment of my life. That's a trainer. Thanks, Steve""
"Jack Davenport "I have been using the Power Plate for about a year now, but the work I have been doing with Steve has dramatically improved the focus and intensity of my training sessions. I began to see really marked results unbelievably fast."
America Ferrera says. "Steve you are a true leader in life and in spirit!"


Ann Curry "Steve Jordan is really good at what he does. His personal story inspires. His dedication to helping people motivates. And on top of that he's a nice guy. Working with Steve has made me stronger, more physically confident, and eating healthier. It feels great!"


Colin Cowie "Steve Jordan is in a league of his own. He's what I call a "trainer extraordinaire," and trust me, I've worked out with hundreds of trainers across the globe and can honestly say NO ONE compares to Steve. Steve's knowledge and understanding of the body sets him apart from anyone I've ever trained with. Steve is the right coach to help you reach your personal goals and get you on track."
Rocco Dispirito "Steve thinks about physical training more like an artist than most traditional trainers. He creates a custom program for you taking bits and pieces from many disciplines. He helped me prepare for Malibu Triathlon and for the first time in my triathlon career I placed in my division. The results speak for themselves!"
Mark K. Rogo Previews Specialist Coldwell Banker "Steve Jordan was a breath of fresh air at the Westwood Village Rotary Club, where he spoke one afternoon at their weekly Thursday lunch meeting. With no political nor hidden agenda, he spoke intelligently about health in our lives and our ability to take charge of our agenda. Few speakers have held the attention of 60 Rotarians, mostly because his comments hit home and spoke well of the topic we all face each and every day; our physical and mental well-being."
Exceptional Children's Foundation: www.ECF.net "At this year's graduation ceremony, Steve Jordan's message of perseverance resonated with our students, faculty and families. His personal, inspiring story punctuated the celebration of our exceptional students' accomplishments, while providing a boost of encouragement to them as they start the next chapters of their young lives."  -Scott Bowling, ECF President and CEO. 
Ann Coglin, Renaissance Woman and Vintner "I found Steve Jordan on the internet as I searched for a trainer with expertise in Power Plate. I have loved adding workouts with him to my routine. Not only he is great with the Power Plate but he has pushed me in new ways with strength training. He knows the body well and has really helped me with back issues and my lazy glutes. He is inspiring and fun to work with!"

Scott Richmond pitcher of the Toronto Blue Jays "Thanks for getting me in the best shape of my life!"
Barry Zito "Thanks for inspiring me with your passion and knowledge."