Training the Trainer


The Podcast that helps trainers take their careers to the next level!

Steve along with his co-hosts Alex Karu and Adam Friedman at share their professional opinions and experineces in this fun/conversational podcast. 

Podcast #20


Steve Helps Trainers Turn Their Passion Into a Solution for Thousands of People.

There is power in pushing your vision by targeting the needs of people around you. Ready…! Make your first dollar and get your first client. In the end, nothing else matters.

Most people use the "ready… ready… ready… aim…" approach. They stay in that cycle for years, somethings DECADES. They are afraid to take action for fear of failing or ruining their reputation. That's not a recipe for success, is it? Let's be clear - successful people do things that those who fail don't and won't do. Successful people have a clear vision of what they want to achieve along with a passion and enthusiasm to see their vision become reality.

Everyone is trying to make their way through the Success Cycle. But, which part of the cycle are you in? Are you willing to learn the tried and true techniques and the mind set to "Ready… Aim....Fire" for optimal success?

Steve teaches you how to find a thirsty crowd and give them water. Then, he teaches you how to do it again. This is what business is about and how simple success can be. He's help you find your unique niche, your authentic self, and how to service the people need you the most. Even if you believe that the amount of people who have the need you service is small, you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll be able to create a market for yourself.

Identify your target audience. What are their needs, wants, and abilities? How can you serve those needs, wants and abilities? If you can't, how can you get there? Steve will help you find your unique skillset and identify the audience you'll service.

Those that are able to fail and pick themselves up off the floor are more likely to succeed than those who stay on the ground. With Steve's help, you will be able to clearly see what went wrong and what you can improve upon in your next round next time.

"The truth is that there's no giant leap to success. It can be painfully slow. But, if you keep taking little steps towards your vision, you'll succeed far more times than those who take a giant leap and fail. My success didn't happen overnight and there were many obstacles along the way - including myself. However, with the right mind set and confidence that your skills and talents are making a difference, you too can pick yourself up and take small steps to experience optimal success." - Steve Jordan

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